7th & 8th September 2024
Weymouth Peninsula

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What to eat at the Festival

Fabulous seafood, of course. #seafoodstreetfood is always the star of our show, celebrating spectacular fish and shellfish, sustainably caught in Dorset waters.

Every year our amazing stallholders, including local restaurants and small food businesses, cook up an irresistible feast of delicious street food dishes from around the world, created with fresh, local ingredients. Perfect with an ale or two, or a glass of sparkling wine.

Make sure you try something different. Local variety provides a great opportunity to taste something you haven’t tried before, which helps spread demand across a wider range of species, which in turn helps reduce the impact of fishing on particular types of fish and maintain their stocks.

We’ll announce this year’s #seafoodstreetfood menu the moment it’s confirmed. But in the meantime – to start your tummy rumbling – here’s a taste of what was on offer last year.

Find out more about delicious, sustainable Dorset seafood.

2023 Menu

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