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Responsible Sourcing

Did you know?

90% of wild fish stocks are over-fished or fully exploited. Without fish, the oceans cannot absorb CO2, millions of livelihoods are lost, and food security is threatened. 

What can we do about it? 

SEAFEAST - The Dorset Seafood Festival is a great forum to help educate everyone about how to buy and eat responsibly-sourced seafood. We also reward our seafood standholders with an award when they use regional and responsibly-sourced seafood, and give feedback to those exhibitors who could do better. 

Our awards’ judges, Sam Fanshawe and Nigel Bloxham, are passionate about sustainability and seafood.Sam, UK Marine Projects Manager from Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) says:

“BLUE is a global marine conservation charity working to establish marine protected areas in which local low-impact sustainable fisheries are supported. BLUE helped develop a model for sustainable fishing within the Lyme Bay Reserve, Dorset, where mobile fishing gear was excluded over a decade ago. Fishermen, conservationists, scientists and fisheries authorities work together to protect the Reserve’s nationally important reefs and marine life, whilst supporting sustainable low-impact fisheries. This collaboration has resulted in the recovery of marine habitats, rare species such as pink sea fans and commercially important stocks such as lobster. A win-win for conservation and fisheries.”

A good place to start is the Marine Conservation Society’s website and support your local fishermen!

Blue Marine Foundation

SEAFEAST - The Dorset Seafood Festival raises funds for the Fishermen's Mission - the vital port of call for fishermen and their families.
Fishermen's Mission