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The Outcasts

Try something different

The Outcasts

This year at SEAFEAST, we’re shining a light on the unloved and under-appreciated.

What are ’The Outcasts’?

The Outcasts are three species of fish that are unusual in looks, but exceptional in flavour. Gurnard, Monkfish and Spider Crab – plentiful and delicious.

Why try these quirky-looking fish?

Sustainability is a key theme at SEAFEAST and we ask all our stall holders to only use responsibly sourced fish. You can help too as a consumer – by eating underutilised species you can help protect the stocks of more commonly sought-after fish in our oceans. For more background information, please see our Outcasts press release.

What’s on offer at the festival?

There will be demonstrations from top chefs on stage, showcasing how to make use of these strangely delicious treats. We also hope some of our amazing stall holders will be able to offer dishes featuring The Outcasts, so you can try them for yourself! There will still be all the usual favourites too – oysters, mussels, crab, lobster, scallops, sea bass and more, along with fantastic live acoustic music, children’s cookery workshops and some amazing beers and wines. See our festival highlights for more information.

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SEAFEAST - The Dorset Seafood Festival raises funds for the Fishermen's Mission - the vital port of call for fishermen and their families.
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