Mission Statement

The Festival's Aims & Objectives

SEAFEAST - The Dorset Seafood Festival - is an event celebrating Dorset’s inseparable links with the sea and its fishing communities and this year will take place on the Weymouth Pavilion peninsula site. This location will be closed off to allow the erection of a Seafood Village where many different species of fish and shellfish will be prepared and cooked in the open for festival visitors.

The festival theme explores the journey our seafood takes from ‘Sea to Plate’ and provides visitors with an enriching experience that is not only entertaining, but imparts a better understanding of the sea, the fishermen and the difficulties they face, the coast and the issues of sustainable fishing and environmental impact.

Festival Aims:

Providing a positive educational value in a fun, enjoyable way, the festival aims to:

SEAFEAST - The Dorset Seafood Festival raises funds for the Fishermen's Mission - the vital port of call for fishermen and their families.
Fishermen's Mission