Top TV Personalities Talk Fish

08 March 2017

Jeremy Paxman, Mitch Tonks and other influencers talk fish as Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival announces its FISHY TALES lineup

The Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival Fishy Tales is the first live and interactive celebrity seafood discussion panel at the Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival. The panel of famous guests will discuss a smorgasbord of personal fish related topics, from catching and cooking, to conservation and poacher-policing. This exclusive 40-seat event will be held over both days, 8th & 9th July, from 2 pm in a private room at the Stable Bar overlooking the historic Weymouth Harbour.  

Fishy Tales

The sparkling lineup sees well-known TV personalities, fish chefs and industry experts, including award winning journalist, author and broadcaster Jeremy Paxman and top seafood restaurateur Mitch Tonks, come together over the two days.  Participants will give their thoughts on a range of fishy topics from their favourite fish to why seafood is such a fundamental part of British culture.  Politics will also come into play with Commissioner for Dorset Police, Martyn Underhill, talking about the post-Brexit policing of our inshore waters.  The event is hosted by BAFTA winning writer Nick Fisher

Nick Fisher, writer and broadcaster commented:
“I firmly believe that the next best thing to catching and eating fish, is talking about catching and eating fish!”

Saturday 8th July plays host to Chef Mitch Tonks, TV personality Jeremy Paxman and Restauranteur Caroline Bennett. Sunday 9th July warmly welcomes Dorset Police Commissioner Martyn Underhill and Skipper Annie Gilbert who is one of the only female skippers working out of the UK. Annie will give some original insight into this male dominated macho world.

Mitch Tonks grew up on the South Coast and has very early and fond memories of preparing fish with his Grandmother. He recalls buckets of eels arriving at her back door, fished by the local children. The eels would win an hour’s reprieve swimming around in her sink before being prepared, boiled and jellied.

Mitch Tonks, restauranteur and food writer commented:
“These simple shared pleasures were the first small steps of a food journey that took me to culinary experiences all around the world. But home would always be the coastline of the south-west of England and the place where my fervor for seafood in particular shaped and resonated most profoundly.”

Caroline Bennett Founder & Director of Japanese restaurant Moshi Moshi in London, the UK’s first conveyor belt sushi bar, has been interested in sustainability since 1997 when her restaurant had issues sourcing her beloved bluefin Tuna.

Caroline Bennett, owner of Moshi Moshi commented:
“Around 20 years ago, through discussions with WWF and Greenpeace, I became connected with Carl Safina, founder of the Blue Ocean Institute and we spoke about the lack of bluefin tuna and I learned that bluefin Tuna was endangered. I was shocked to hear that It was likened to ‘eating a creature as endangered as a rhinoceros’. Once I knew the effects of my actions, I felt compelled to make better decisions.”

Guests can expect lively debate on current political discussions over a glass or two of cider.  Tickets will be on sale in advance, at £10 per seat, which includes a welcoming pint of local cider. Booking link coming soon.

Chefs to look out for over the two-day festival on the demo stages include: Dan Doherty, Neil Rankin, Gizzi Erskine, Mitch Tonks, Peter Gordon, Sophie Michell, Duncan Lucas – Passionate About Fish, Nigel Bloxham – Crab House Café, Matt Budden – Hilton and Pete Murt – Rick Stein. 

A not-for-profit event, the organisers raise money for the Fishermen’s Mission.   

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SEAFEAST - The Dorset Seafood Festival raises funds for the Fishermen's Mission - the vital port of call for fishermen and their families.
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