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A Greener Festival


2018 marks the start of a journey for the Festival organisers to make PDSF a ‘Greener Festival’.   We’re working with a number of organisations to make sure our waste management improves.

As a visitor, you too can help us meet some of our objectives, by remembering to follow these three simple steps when you visit the Festival:

Thank you, enjoy your visit!

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Working closely with Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) and Festival Stand Holders, our initial focus is on reducing the amount of waste created over the Festival weekend that ends up in landfill and to reduce the costs of processing.

This is a huge step to take and not one that can be realistically be achieved in a single year, particularly where one-shot drinks bottles are concerned or the much wider implications of a truly ‘Environmentally Friendly’ event.  A far more difficult task with an open site and a multitude of businesses around the harbour side.

 It is important to remember that the extent of the recycling is determined by whether or not viable end markets exist for these materials to be recycled. Technically most things can be recycled but it is whether cost effective recycling processes exist that determines whether they can be recycled locally. This is heavily influenced by global commodities markets and impacts all recycling and waste collectors in the UK.

To support our ‘Greener Festival’ vision, the DWP will install and trial 10 recycle stations around the Festival site this year. Visitors will be encouraged to recycle their waste into specific categories at these stations. Over the coming years we hope to increase the number of recycling stations throughout the site and reduce the number of rubbish bins. We hope to see a good uptake this year but accept we will still need plenty of the standard 1100 litre waste bins too.

Festival stand holders have been tasked with supporting our aims, by agreeing to use only recommended recyclable food containers and packaging. In future years, with more processing plants becoming available, a move to ‘compostable’ products would be chosen.

Most plastics are recyclable, it is predominately how they are disposed of that has created the global focus on plastic!

Dorset Waste Partnership has supplied the following information sheets on how waste is processed by them and what happens to waste in Dorset once processed.

DWP Waste

DWP Waste

More details can be found on their website here:

The Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival raises funds for the Fishermen's Mission - the vital port of call for fishermen and their families.
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